And Onward We Go

The siren's wail is piercing through the land, interrupting my brooding thoughts. I am in middle of watching a powerful man take great credit for something he only authorized to do.  I am irritated by him and his meaningless words.  He has overshadowed the intensity of this moment. I read on, the descriptions of how … Continue reading And Onward We Go

Break The Chain

Newness smells like cheap plastic and styrofoam chips mixed with cardboard and a hint of pine. It fills my nostrils with each breath I take, embracing me with memories. Moving again, and this time it WILL be better. I pack methodically and neatly to begin with, although I know I will start losing momentum and … Continue reading Break The Chain

Cry With Me, Laugh With Me

It was a small room, a corner really, decorated with rich fabrics and gold tassels.  There was an air of royalty, palpable with every bated breath. We entered slowly, wondering how we had come to be before this holy man. He was sitting on a throne behind a table sagging under the weight of sorrows … Continue reading Cry With Me, Laugh With Me


Today, we met with a panel of fierce-looking Israeli professional women with thick eyebrows. They are going to decide what to do with our daughter. They asked us to describe her. We did. They asked the gannenet to describe her. She did. And then they deliberated in front of us. Bewildered is not enough of … Continue reading De-valuate

Time of My Life

My parents just celebrated the birth of their ninth grandchild. Nine children, all in the span of five years, and they’ve only just begun. I am so happy for my sister, and thrilled for my parents who have evolved into this role so beautifully. And yet…gulp…they have evolved into this role…without a thought, a word … Continue reading Time of My Life

My Mother(in-law)’s Eyes

I was in the shower this morning, and instead of focusing on my personal hygiene, I was staring in utter disgust at the soap scum building up in the cracks between the tiles. As I was folding laundry, I discovered new hot-spots for spiders, dust mites and unidentified crunchy objects. Then my tiny everything room starting … Continue reading My Mother(in-law)’s Eyes

Wanna be my Girlfriend?

I don't have any friends. I had a best friend when I was young, and although we thought we'd be friends forever, life happened and we're now Facebook friends. There was a time when I had lots of friends.  In fact, I was part of a few different groups of people and built very strong … Continue reading Wanna be my Girlfriend?


Eyes…fearful eyes…peer over the trench… …pale neck stretching to greet the blade… …back arched in eager anticipation… …knees bent to absorb the shock… …hands raised in wordless prayer… …please…please…please… …silence… The blade falls…the world is still… …for a moment… Rushing forward…screaming…cursing…throat dripping shrieks of anger…hatred…pain…hurt… …so…much…hurt…  

Child of Mine

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she comes to me. Curling up inside my heart, she begs me to remember her. She wants me to smile as I watch her play.  She wants me to giggle bashfully. She wants me to be a child again. She is a very persuasive bedmate, and I follow … Continue reading Child of Mine

Mother of Two

Describe yourself, they say. Make them understand who you are.  Use words that paint a picture.  Dig deep inside and express your qualities with letters and spaces.  Get them to understand you. So, I try.  I close my eyes and I dig and dig and dig. In the process, I throw aside the obvious and … Continue reading Mother of Two