Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | September 14, 2011

Just Breathe

Life is….a breath.



Air coursing through veins…beating heart…pumping blood…steady pulse…life.

Death is…no air.


And I…cannot close my eyes…for all I see…is the moment…of no air.


  1. have you ever read Yehuda Amichai? I have a feeling that you’d like his stuff.

  2. Is there a reason you’ve posted this now? Or is this just an old piece that you just found?

    • I wrote this because I witnessed a death last week and have been having insomnia because of it…all my posts are written immediately before they are posted. I tend to write about current feelings, unless it’s a current situation that is bringing up old feelings.

      • Chilling and raw…
        It’s a gift to be able to be in touch with those raw emotions..

  3. B”DE. That’s terrible. May you have the strength to get past this, and may HKB”H give you the amazing power of Shikcha.

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