I Am A Giver…That’s What I Am

I give…because I can…because I should…because I have to. I give…even though it hurts sometimes…and resentment builds…bitter. I give…even though I feel taken advantage of…stepped on…used. I give…even though it’s hard…draining…tolling. I give…even though I don’t always want to…because the recipient doesn’t like me…or understand me…or care to try. I give…because I am a giver…and … Continue reading I Am A Giver…That’s What I Am

Three Yellow Tractors

The hills are green this time of year, beautiful shades of green.  Pale pink blossoms are exploding on the branches of the almond trees that dot the mountains.  The grass is lush and full.  There is mud from the wonderful rain that fell.  The red poppies have just bloomed.  You can see them from our … Continue reading Three Yellow Tractors

Why Beit Shemesh Might Mean Something to Me After All

The waiting room in Assuta Hospital in Rishon Litzion is small and by no means cozy.  The chairs are set up in a way that maximizes the seating space while inconveniencing the actual sitting process.  The TV is on, blaring from behind the seats, forcing people to turn their heads up and around, mostly in … Continue reading Why Beit Shemesh Might Mean Something to Me After All


Anyone remember my saga with my health? Here's a quick recap: I went to the doctor after months of weakness and fatigue.  She ordered blood tests, they came back reeking of mono, and told me to rest up. (Ha!)  She also sent me for x-rays of my face to find out why I've spent the … Continue reading Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

We always had the "when it rains, it thunderstorms" issue in our life.  Everything bad always went hand in hand with extra toppings of unrelated bad.  Well, I guess when extremes are the norm, I shouldn't be surprised that the sunshine we've been experiencing lately has come with rainbows in every shade of that big … Continue reading It’s Been A Long Time Coming

On Witnessing Evil

"Hatzilu, hatzilu!" Panicked screams reach us from the street below.  We rush to the balcony and lean over to see two young boys, eight or nine years old, running as though their lives depend on it.  We can make out another word, "Abba", and we try to piece together the situation.  "Hatzilu, Abba…" My heart … Continue reading On Witnessing Evil

The Things My Mind Spurts Out After A Day In The Park With All The Other Mothers

Trying to be able…willing…strong… To run free of all worries and fears And looks and sneers Of those who think I am Who I present myself to be. Wanting to say…scream…shout aloud… All the burning feelings swirling Spinning, twirling Circles of confusion While I stand in silence. The scenes play out in my mind's eye, … Continue reading The Things My Mind Spurts Out After A Day In The Park With All The Other Mothers

Ah Ah Aaaaaaaaaah Ah!

I'm having emotional writer's block as of late. There are so many topics I could write about, so many things that have happened in the world, in Israel, in my immediate surroundings…but… …I don't like telling the world my opinions on things.  I have a lot of thoughts I used to think I could share, … Continue reading Ah Ah Aaaaaaaaaah Ah!