Sun Year, Moon Year, and Me

The sun and moon fight above me. One circles me while I circle the other. And they disagree about time and space and light and make me wonder which of them is right. I was born after the stars had come out and the fires burned. The moon, just beginning to cycle back down in … Continue reading Sun Year, Moon Year, and Me

On Open Houses and Choice in a Foreign Tongue

It is early in the morning. She rests her head against my shoulder, twisting her body around in an attempt to find a comfortable position. I sit as still as I can, knowing she will turn again and again until we finally get there. I’ve learned to be the rock she circles; forever keeping me … Continue reading On Open Houses and Choice in a Foreign Tongue

Doing Something

For 515 days, my sister and I shared my Facebook profile picture, smiling to the world from a little circle above my name. My cover photo was taken that time we went to Jerusalem and she posed with my children on Yoel Solomon Street. 515 days ago I sat down and looked through all my pictures … Continue reading Doing Something


Misconception hides around the corner from me as I navigate through alleys of my heart. Usually, it leaps out just after I pass, falling flat on the broken pavement behind me while I focus on what lies ahead. Sometimes I feel wind move behind me, rustling hairs I've shaved off the back of my neck. … Continue reading Misconception

Goodbye, Cobblestone Road

This is a very painful post for me to write; one that crept up over the years on occasion but willingly returned to its suppression box when I pushed it in. My husband and I have been married for over 13 years. Before our marriage, we spent intense, life-altering years with a revolving group of … Continue reading Goodbye, Cobblestone Road

Resume Me

I write the cover letter, attach the file and hit send. For the hundredth time, I sigh. My resume travels across the interwebs to be reviewed by someone who will not read between the lines. I will be drawn out and imagined as someone I will not recognize, and a door will be closed in … Continue reading Resume Me

Intifada: Take Three

Today, I was on a bus.  And I had my headphones on because I like to listen to music on the bus. But the driver... He was in a bad mood...and I couldn't tell why. I didn't know if it was because he had a fight with his wife...forgot his lunch at home...had to go … Continue reading Intifada: Take Three

The Lonely Love of Faith

I walk the lonely road… twisting…turning…forever changing… and as I wander… I believe…I doubt…I question…I yearn…I want. He walks…on a different road… twisting and turning in ways I don't always understand… with a belief…a doubt…a question…a yearning…a want…so different from mine. Sometimes we meet…at a fork in the road. He goes right…I go left… our … Continue reading The Lonely Love of Faith


Today I saw myself differently. I saw how others see others misunderstand others judge me... And I understood why. Not because I am who I am...or what I believe... But because I am honest...about who I am...and what I believe... And I refuse to pretend. I saw how it can feel … Continue reading Truths

As The Candle Burns

My mother calls and brings it up before I do. “It’s tonight…I’ve been thinking about it…remembering….” I choke back a sob.  “Yes.  It is tonight.  And I’m sad…” I fall apart.  I tell her the thoughts I have. She listens, she shares and she hurts with me. I feel something shift.  The depression lifts and … Continue reading As The Candle Burns