Sun Year, Moon Year, and Me

The sun and moon fight above me. One circles me while I circle the other. And they disagree about time and space and light and make me wonder which of them is right. I was born after the stars had come out and the fires burned. The moon, just beginning to cycle back down in … Continue reading Sun Year, Moon Year, and Me

They Cannot Gun Us All

They've come to kill us, these poisoned hearts. They've come to take our innocent and young. They've come to cut down our wise and wizened. They've come to slash our soft and pure. They seep into our waters across oceans and fields of tranquility. They march in step to a raging scream a hatred pulsing … Continue reading They Cannot Gun Us All

Curtain Call

My thoughts running through the maze I hold inside my pounding skull keep me company reminding me when my eyes search for love for understanding for hope I am not alone.   I am tied to the whispers the whipping post I toss over one shoulder and the never-ending scorn scraping my open wounds.   … Continue reading Curtain Call


Misconception hides around the corner from me as I navigate through alleys of my heart. Usually, it leaps out just after I pass, falling flat on the broken pavement behind me while I focus on what lies ahead. Sometimes I feel wind move behind me, rustling hairs I've shaved off the back of my neck. … Continue reading Misconception

Resume Me

I write the cover letter, attach the file and hit send. For the hundredth time, I sigh. My resume travels across the interwebs to be reviewed by someone who will not read between the lines. I will be drawn out and imagined as someone I will not recognize, and a door will be closed in … Continue reading Resume Me

Defining Me

Recently a friend asked me what I was looking for. I've been searching for a job for the past few months. I joined all the groups on Facebook and I tidied up my resume. I let people know I'm looking and created a LinkedIn account. I sent out my resume to a few relevant places … Continue reading Defining Me


I have worn my face behind something other than my skin for so long I don’t know if I can recognize my reflection. At first, I wore the way I felt outside my heart. I didn’t know not to do that. I didn’t know that hearts exposed make people feel uncomfortable. I learned to hide … Continue reading Unmasked

Resentment Is

a thread weaving in and out of lives pulling back into childhood where it waits to be addressed. You run forward as fast as you can trying desperately to rip away from that poor pathetic child who only wanted what he deserved. So now you sit in resentment and resist the urge to cry as that … Continue reading Resentment Is

How Are You?

How is she?  They ask, everywhere I go. Sometimes I answer. It's hard.  They're trying something new.  We still don't know. And sometimes I don't. Fine, thank god. They want to know news, they want to know progress...they want to know black and white. I confide in some. I deflect others. Mostly, I seethe. I … Continue reading How Are You?