Shall I Go On?

So you have all been given glimpses into my sordid past.

Here’s why.

Whenever I read about “Kids At Risk” or “Off The Derech”, I get irritated.

Granted, there are many people who are professionally trained to deal with teenagers and many who truly understand the situation.  However, there are a lot more people who seem to be pulling theories out of their behinds and coming to ridiculous conclusions about this “plight”.

For some reason, no one has really delved into the life of a “Hole in The Heart Kid” from the beginning.  I want to document my life so that people can have a better understanding of some major issues within the Jewish community.  I know that I am not a good enough representation of everyone suffering, so I will also be writing my husband’s story, as well as some younger kids I know.  This way, I can give a well-rounded portrayal of what really goes on.

Obviously, I can’t get too detailed.  My question is, are you getting the picture?

If yes, shall I go on?

8 thoughts on “Shall I Go On?

  1. Go on please… We have a lot to learn from you.
    On the weekend I heard someone call “Kids at Risk”, “Kids in Pain Taking a Detour” that’s better, no?

    If you see we don’t get you… maybe be more overt, direct.


    1. i don’t like labels in general, but the detour one is something i have heard before and can handle.
      my mentor used to describe three categories of kids:
      Straight Shooters – the typical good kid who will do well in most situations
      Kick in the Pants Kids – the ones who need some more direction and management
      Hole in Heart Kids – the ones who need techiyas hameisim…
      as for getting what i’m writing, the problem with being more direct is that there are other people in my life who would be hurt by a detailed account…i’m not out to be vindictive – just trying to shed some light onto a dark and hidden topic.


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