Oh The Places I’ve Come From

“Cleveland, Cleveland, convention in Cleveland….Convention ‘97 will last forever……” Ringing in my ears as an unwanted memory, the BY Convention song my mother wrote fourteen years ago plays in my head like a broken record.  I guess she got it right - about it lasting forever and ever and ever…but how I wish it would … Continue reading Oh The Places I’ve Come From

The Meaning Of Mumcha

"There should be a movie about it.  With characters like Motti, Duvy…Shmully…not Chasidish, no Joels - just real Boro Park Yeshivish kids." I nod.  I'ver heard this before. "We were punks.  I don't get it.  What was wrong with us?" "It wasn't that bad.  There weren't turf wars or crack houses." "Yeah - but we … Continue reading The Meaning Of Mumcha