How to Lose Your Faith and Keep Your Friends

how to lose your faith and keep your friends

I am one of the few lucky ones. I have my husband and my children on this journey with me. I have my family who loves and accepts me. I have learned to connect with the people I love in ways that don't hurt. We talk about life and feelings and our shared past and … Continue reading How to Lose Your Faith and Keep Your Friends

Sometimes, I Cry Alone in the Night

My previous post touched on the journey my family has been on together. Although we are currently on the same page, my husband and I took different paths and followed forks in the road that sometimes seemed like they would never meet. After the birth of our son, I felt so disconnected from Judaism and lost in … Continue reading Sometimes, I Cry Alone in the Night

The Lonely Love of Faith

I walk the lonely road… twisting…turning…forever changing… and as I wander… I believe…I doubt…I question…I yearn…I want. He walks…on a different road… twisting and turning in ways I don't always understand… with a belief…a doubt…a question…a yearn…a want…so different from mine. Sometimes we meet…at a fork in the road. He goes right…I go left… our … Continue reading The Lonely Love of Faith

When The Tigers Broke Free

“Are you excited that gan is almost over?” I ask my little girl as she cuddles up to me. “Umm…yes…no…no!”  She’s uncertain and for a moment I think she doesn’t really understand what summer vacation is. Her face scrunches up as she digs into her mind for the words to express what she means. “I’m … Continue reading When The Tigers Broke Free