The Place Where I Belong

She calls me, breathless. "It was amazing," she panted. "I loved it. I was made for this, Ima. I need it." Patched up by the threads trailing behind her gathering into a seam sewn with every fall and knotted with each triumphant rise, my lungs fill. My hands slow their spasms. My head sweeps the … Continue reading The Place Where I Belong

Meet Me Where You Left Me

Watching the news one night, my husband raised the feminist flag. Four women awkwardly crossed their bare legs on the couch. One man, his legs spread wide to accommodate his shrinking masculinity, sat in the center. On our side of the screen, my husband squirmed and called it out. And I rolled my eyes. We … Continue reading Meet Me Where You Left Me

13 Years

We stand under the canopy separated by the discomfort we feel at the display. You are wearing the uniform of a team you don't really play for. Your hair is cut according to someone else's taste. Even your shoes are a stranger's style. I am in white for the first time in my life. My … Continue reading 13 Years

The Only Squeeze Hug I Can Manage

Hey Sis...this one's for you... This one's for the times we couldn't stop laughing... Inside out kisses and shoulder blades... Djoghurt and Stonehenge... And that toot guy. This one's for Friday nights... People watching in the park... And Super Hatzlacha. This one's for the times we forgot to say I love you... And the times … Continue reading The Only Squeeze Hug I Can Manage

Dear Spouses,

Dear, dear spouses of victims of survivors of the broken people... Thank you. Thank you for not letting us push you away. Thank you for seeing past the desperate facade we thought was infallible. Thank you for understanding that not everyone wants to be touched…or can be touched…and adjusting your needs accordingly. Thank you for … Continue reading Dear Spouses,

The Lonely Love of Faith

I walk the lonely road… twisting…turning…forever changing… and as I wander… I believe…I doubt…I question…I yearn…I want. He walks…on a different road… twisting and turning in ways I don't always understand… with a belief…a doubt…a question…a yearning…a want…so different from mine. Sometimes we meet…at a fork in the road. He goes right…I go left… our … Continue reading The Lonely Love of Faith

The Rabbi’s Daughter

"So I watched this thing…it's going around…" They are looking at me, waiting, and I realize it is too late.  I will say it. "It's called The Rabbi's Daughter…" My father's eyes raise and I almost swallow the words, even though I know I can't. "It reminded me of you…of us." And then I am … Continue reading The Rabbi’s Daughter