Misconception hides around the corner from me as I navigate through alleys of my heart. Usually, it leaps out just after I pass, falling flat on the broken pavement behind me while I focus on what lies ahead. Sometimes I feel wind move behind me, rustling hairs I've shaved off the back of my neck. … Continue reading Misconception

Goodbye, Cobblestone Road

This is a very painful post for me to write; one that crept up over the years on occasion but willingly returned to its suppression box when I pushed it in. My husband and I have been married for over 13 years. Before our marriage, we spent intense, life-altering years with a revolving group of … Continue reading Goodbye, Cobblestone Road

How to Lose Your Faith and Keep Your Friends

how to lose your faith and keep your friends

I am one of the few lucky ones. I have my husband and my children on this journey with me. I have my family who loves and accepts me. I have learned to connect with the people I love in ways that don't hurt. We talk about life and feelings and our shared past and … Continue reading How to Lose Your Faith and Keep Your Friends


Today I saw myself differently. I saw how others see me...how others misunderstand me...how others judge me... And I understood why. Not because I am secure...confident...in who I am...or what I believe... But because I am honest...about who I am...and what I believe... And I refuse to pretend. I saw how it can hurt...to feel … Continue reading Truths

Father Of Mine

The discussion was about Divine Intervention and whether it is an integral aspect of belief. It was mostly intellectual with the bouts of emotions (that always seem to trickle through with me) getting properly addressed and shelved by the most significant influence in my life. First, my mother left. She tried to pipe in with … Continue reading Father Of Mine

Loving You

Come quick! My husband’s shout propels me off my seat and out on the balcony.  The flock of White Storks are back.  They are flying overhead in a haphazard pattern, lazily flapping their massive wings as they circle their way over our heads and past the mountains. I am leaning against the gate, my head raised, … Continue reading Loving You