Dry eyes

My grandmother ran out of Poland towards Russia with only the summer clothes she was wearing and spent the next five years seeking warmth in a world that had frozen over. I was raised on her story, as well as all the stories of my generation’s grandparents. We were their proof that it had been … Continue reading Dry eyes

So Your Son Married a Zionist

Just don’t become a Zionist. He said it with a slight measure of concern.  My husband and I laughed about it.  We know they’re afraid we’ve completely lost it…we know they don’t like the path we’re on. Where he comes from the word ‘Zionist’ is dirty.  It means cutting off peyot and slipping pork into … Continue reading So Your Son Married a Zionist

And Onward We Go

The siren's wail is piercing through the land, interrupting my brooding thoughts. I am in middle of watching a powerful man take great credit for something he only authorized to do.  I am irritated by him and his meaningless words.  He has overshadowed the intensity of this moment. I read on, the descriptions of how … Continue reading And Onward We Go