And Onward We Go

The siren’s wail is piercing through the land, interrupting my brooding thoughts.

I am in middle of watching a powerful man take great credit for something he only authorized to do.  I am irritated by him and his meaningless words.  He has overshadowed the intensity of this moment.

I read on, the descriptions of how it came to be flashing a silent movie in my head.

I see the shadowy figures systematically destroying each target, with no history of pain and loss impeding the operation.  These are machines made to work, sent by our sense of justice, vengeance and right.

The mess they leave is jubilantly celebrated.

I am stuck in the desert, thinking of all the other details.

I am thinking of the woman used as a shield for her husband, and how love was the last thing on her mind when she took the bullets meant for him.

I am thinking of a people brought up on a diet of rage.

I am thinking of the villain who will take his place.

I am thinking of the children who will die next.

The siren cuts through the path of unknown futures and directs me to past truths.

Another man died today.

Another war rolled its ending credits.

Another hopeful generation celebrated the just desserts of evil.

Another world was laid to rest.

The siren stops abruptly, echoes reverberating off surrounding hills.

Past, present and future unite to commemorate the victims of all things bad for one more moment.

My husband sits down beside me with a breakfast of eggs and matzoh, and we resume living.

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