Young and Restless

Age has been on my mind.

It’s natural, I suppose.  Birthdays do bring about such thoughts.

My thoughts on growing old are mixed.  I am unlike most people and yearn to be older.  I feel so incredibly young and inexperienced.  I have barely lived my life.  Half of the third of my expected lifespan was lived unproductively, and the other half was just to give me the basics on humanhood.  I’m a baby and boy, do I hate that thought.

I want to grow up already.  I want to nod knowingly at other people’s growing pains.  I want to be respected for my life’s experience.  I want to be a matriarch of something or other.  I want to have written a book, painted a masterpiece and contributed greatly to society.  I guess I want it all to be over already.

Sounds bleak, I know.  But I don’t mean it that way truly.  I mean that I want something so bad but maybe not bad enough to work for it.

Life is going to take me where it will, and I’m going to do my best to grow old gradually and gracefully.  I will age over time and one day, without even realizing it, I’ll end up there.

Meanwhile, I’m young and inexperienced.  But hell, I know who Pat Boone is.

That should count for something.

7 thoughts on “Young and Restless

  1. who the hell is Pat Boone??

    happy birthday old lady. If it makes you feel better, a 12 yr old thinks you are ancient.

    Alos, arguably, be careful what you wish for….


    1. thanks – the actual day came and went quietly, i give it a couple weeks to set in.
      life may go by quick, but a lot can happen in a short time….i can’t rush something that’s out of my control anyway:)


  2. Lecturing me on music? You SURE you aren’t an old lady yet?

    I know my music roots. They are the Beatles, countless blues musicians and Elvis. Oh and the three guys who died in the plane crash and Don McClean wrote the Day the Music Died dudes. But DEF NOT Pat Boone!!


  3. Hey, happy birthday!

    I’m surprised you say you want to grow up, to be appreciated for your life experiences. Seems like you’ve had enough life experience to… well to last a lifetime. You’ve been through so much and you seem smart and knowledgeable, far beyond the average person your age.

    So if it makes you feel any better….you have my respect :-).


  4. happy birthday…. and i (think) i know what you are getting at… I like the way you put it to paper (blog). I wonder and wish for these same things.


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