Dedicated to The Ones I Love

We met when I was barely eighteen.

I kept a low profile, my face hidden behind unkempt hair encased in the hooded sweatshirt I wore defensively.

But I listened to the two of you talk and I couldn’t contain myself.

You spoke my language, peppered with a healthy dose of vulgarity and infused with the strangest spice of real emotion.

I had to join.

Somehow, in my eagerness to be heard, I couldn’t stop talking.

I told you everything.  You heard it all and loved me.

Really, really loved me.

Accepted me.

The first ones to see all of me and appreciate it.

The only ones to let me ride it out without judgement.

In time, I saw you as you saw me.

Perfectly human.

And I began to love you.

Love can never be exactly like we want it to be…

I could be satisfied knowing you love me…

And there’s one thing I want you to do especially for me…

And it’s something that everybody needs…

While I’m far away…

Whisper a prayer for me…

Because it’s hard for me…

And the darkest hour is just before dawn….

….and tell all the stars above

…this is dedicated to the ones I love…

I miss you.

Can we be a family again?

2 thoughts on “Dedicated to The Ones I Love

  1. Dearest Bracha. Your words are just beautiful, as are you! Your right! Love can never be exactly like we want it to be……..but from me to you it is always there.
    I’ve been following your writing with great interest and have seen my Bracha from the old days to the Bracha that you are today. Don’t worry! sometimes the transformations are painful, but we have to keep trusting in G-d, that he is guiding us along the way!

    Do you know it’s 12 months since I last saw you and more for Bill and we still haven’t seen that sweet little baby of yours! So we feel that we’d like to be a family again too, so how about Shavuaot??????


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