You Menuval You

Guest post from the amazing husband who rants really well and doesn’t realize that if he can dictate awesomeness, there’s nothing stopping him from writing it out, except maybe horrible spelling. 🙂

This past week we leined Parshas Kedoshiim, where Hashem gives us the command Kiddoshim Ti’hiu.  Many of us know the Rambam’s commentary on these words.  To sum it up, don’t be Menuval B’Rishus HaTorah, disgusting with the permission of the Torah.

What the Rambam means by this is open to interpretation.

I’ll tell you my take on it.

If you refuse to get up for the 80-year-old woman but jump up like your pants are on fire when she sits next to you, you are a menuval.

If you get upset and self-righteous when a pregnant woman dares to stand next to your seat on the bus, you are a menuval.

If you incite hatred in the name of the Torah because of your fear of change, you are a menuval.

If you think ignorance is piety, you are a menuval.

If you deny your sons and daughters the right to follow other ways of our holy Torah because they are different from yours, you are a menuval.

If you can hate an entire nation for what a few grouchy men did sixty-three years ago when the thought of you didn’t yet exist, you are a menuval.

If you take great pains to avoid looking at a woman while you shove past her on the street, you are a menuval.

The list could go on forever.  I’ll stop before my emotions run through the page.

In short, being a Kadosh is putting our petty differences aside and smiling when we offer those in need a seat.

10 thoughts on “You Menuval You

  1. Great Post!
    Unfortunately the world is full of menuvalim.
    How can the bar be raised be so low and high at the same time?

    Just wondering who the grouchy men you were referring to are?


    1. haha – only you would pick up on the grouchy men…..
      i believe he was referring to all the brow-furrowing, hand-shielding-eyes men who pushed for this inglorious State, who we are eternally grateful to on one hand yet can’t seem to cease mocking:)


  2. So it seems what your husband is saying is anyone who gets upset, mad or self-righteous when they’re doing something that somehow relates to Torah and halacha and stuff isn’t doing something right. While that’s true, I don’t think that would make them a menuval necessarily. Basically, good idea, but not necc accurate. Then again, most people don’t care if their rants are accurate or not…


    1. it’s fine for you to comment and say your opinion on the topic – next time omit the last sentence – let’s not make things personal. 🙂
      yes, when my husband ranted he was frustrated with yet another incident on the bus ride home….but he’s not saying people can’t be human, he’s just saying don’t use the Torah as your excuse or as a helpmate in your mistakes.


  3. This is such a true post, hopefully eye opening for those who haven’t thought about these sorts if things before. The rest of us definitely benefit from being reminded of the Emes every now and then, so that we don’t forget ourselves and what it really means to be shomer Torah and Mitvos with Yiras Shomayim.


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