Forever, My Yerushalayim

You have been written about, sung about, and prayed about.

You have been featured in the greatest poems by the greatest poets.

Every aspect of your being has been explored.

Yet, when I approach you each day, I cannot describe you at all.

Each and every day I am assaulted by the vision of you, as I come around the bend, and I cannot look away.

You stir so many feelings inside me, feelings I don’t even know if I want.

You pull at me, choking me with your air and strangling me with your long reaching arms.

You stop my heart and slowly bring me back to life.

I wonder at our relationship.

Where have we met before?

Why do I feel as though you are angry with me?

Why can’t I understand what you mean to me?

How do you enter my body and take hold of my soul?

The longing you evoke, how do you do that to me?

And…that tingling sensation…is like…

…a whispered secret I cannot decipher.


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