Doing Something

For 515 days, my sister and I shared my Facebook profile picture, smiling to the world from a little circle above my name. My cover photo was taken that time we went to Jerusalem and she posed with my children on Yoel Solomon Street. 515 days ago I sat down and looked through all my pictures … Continue reading Doing Something

This Temple Speaks for Me

I cannot speak from inside this temple. Broken bodies stumble across the floor as sunlight beats against the windows, demanding the right to shine in this desecrated space. Pages, soaked in the bloodred color that paints my history, rustle in the winds of hatred blowing through these trembling walls. The temple heaves in uncontainable sorrow. … Continue reading This Temple Speaks for Me

A Stroll Through a Lifetime

I need to preface this blog post with a bit of an explanation as well as an apology. I have been toying with an idea for a while now. I did not know how to begin until today when I was struck by the love and understanding I have for the ultra-Orthodox world my husband … Continue reading A Stroll Through a Lifetime

13 Years

We stand under the canopy separated by the discomfort we feel at the display. You are wearing the uniform of a team you don't really play for. Your hair is cut according to someone else's taste. Even your shoes are a stranger's style. I am in white for the first time in my life. My … Continue reading 13 Years

Someone Called the Rabbi on Me…

I debated writing this post...I thought that maybe I shouldn’t stir any trouble...that if I did say something, I would only be hurting myself more. But I have to write how I feel and I have to put it out there where it will be seen. This is who I am; this is how I … Continue reading Someone Called the Rabbi on Me…


I have worn my face behind something other than my skin for so long I don’t know if I can recognize my reflection. At first, I wore the way I felt outside my heart. I didn’t know not to do that. I didn’t know that hearts exposed make people feel uncomfortable. I learned to hide … Continue reading Unmasked

A Giant Falls

When a giant... ...comes crashing down... ...from heights unknown to man... is only natural... ...that some... ...will try to climb... ...his fallen frame... ...and proclaim... ...something... ...or other. I only wish... ...I was strong enough... move a mountain... reveal... ...the crater... ...formed... ...when the giant fell.


Tomorrow... It's not his birthday, not yet. But my mother is here and I want to share this with someone. Besides, gan starts soon and I don't want to have to worry about lice. So we're cutting his hair tomorrow. Just a small little ceremony. Get to the barber at 7:30 so we're the first … Continue reading Snip…Snip…Snip.

The Boys Are Back In Town

There’s a pit in my stomach.  It’s there because of a stupid video I watched that I didn’t want to watch but that I had to watch because I felt compelled by the title and hoped that I would see something different from what I did see. It was stupid, really. There were some kids, … Continue reading The Boys Are Back In Town