Memories of a Disenchanted Past – Part 1

The road seemed to go on forever. She closed her little eyes, hoping to escape the sea of tar around her. It was no use. The insides of her eyelids continued the monotonous black, white and yellow snaking dance of the past endless hours. She pressed her face against the glass, trying to ignore the flutters in her stomach.

The scenes suddenly began to change. Buildings lined both sides of the dark, quiet streets. Then came rows of houses, with neat little yards and trimmed bushes. She held her breath and listened to the sound of her heart beating faster, harder, and louder.

She heard non of her siblings stirrings, nor their shouts of delight. Her face was still glued to the window when an imposing building came into view. The car slowed. Time stood still. A voice broke the rhythm of her heart.

“This is where you’ll be going to school.”

Nothing could have prepared her for the wave of fear that washed over her slight frame.

She looked around the crowded car. Her mother, father, three brothers and two sisters sat with glowing faces, smiling.

She had never felt so alone.

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