Since my son was born, there seems to be a collective sigh of relief emanating from those around me.

Last night I confronted someone who was honest enough to confirm my feelings.

Let me set things straight.

My son is not a replacement son.

He is my second son, my third child.

Yes, I buried one, and yes, is still hurts.

He will never, EVER, be the balm to heal my wound.

There is a hole in my heart where my first son, my first child, stored his love, and nothing will ever fill it.

What really matters is that I am ok with that.

I want him to stay there with me always.

I want to carry his memory with me until we meet again.

Please, if you feel that I needed another son to rectify the pain in my life and to prove to you that I have truly moved on, keep it to yourself.

Right now I am happy and content with my life, with my past and with ALL of my children.

Please don’t ruin this moment for me.

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