To My Beloved

How do you put the music of the soul on mere paper?

How do you paint the notes of the song of two hearts,

Beating together in symphonic harmony?

What are the words to describe the jolt of joy,

Racing through my veins when he closes the door,

With a sound that says, “Sweetie, I’m home”?

No human speech can display the picture of him,

Sitting back with a smile of pure, simple contentment,

Watching our child play, at the end of the day.

How can I tell him what he means to me?

My mind seems to be empty,

Yet my heart overflows with wordless rivers of love.

He guides me to a place where the world expands.

He shows me I can be anything I want to be.

He lifts me up, and I can fly,

Though I turn to him, and hold on tight,

For nothing in this world is as sweet,

As belonging to him.

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