A Poppy Seed Cookie

“Ok, ok,” she said in what I think might have been an annoyed kind of tone. “I’ll show you how. Come downstairs later and you can watch me. But I don’t know amounts…just watch…just watch.” Later, I watched. Her tiny hands, even smaller because of the arthritis that kept her fingers curling in, worked at … Continue reading A Poppy Seed Cookie

Oh The Places I’ve Come From

“Cleveland, Cleveland, convention in Cleveland….Convention ‘97 will last forever……” Ringing in my ears as an unwanted memory, the BY Convention song my mother wrote fourteen years ago plays in my head like a broken record.  I guess she got it right - about it lasting forever and ever and ever…but how I wish it would … Continue reading Oh The Places I’ve Come From

I Miss You

It’s this time of year again and I’m thinking of you…wondering…how you’ve been. Wishing you could see me now…look at me with those big, big eyes…maybe even smile. It’s late…you should have come home from school long ago…I ache to see you burst through the door. The bag we would have picked…together…slung over your slight … Continue reading I Miss You

Child of Mine

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she comes to me. Curling up inside my heart, she begs me to remember her. She wants me to smile as I watch her play.  She wants me to giggle bashfully. She wants me to be a child again. She is a very persuasive bedmate, and I follow … Continue reading Child of Mine