Goodbye, Cobblestone Road

This is a very painful post for me to write; one that crept up over the years on occasion but willingly returned to its suppression box when I pushed it in. My husband and I have been married for over 13 years. Before our marriage, we spent intense, life-altering years with a revolving group of … Continue reading Goodbye, Cobblestone Road


It is ugly, this beauty. It aches in a way that tastes of bile. The light reflecting off the wall shines a spotlight on the pain...the empty feeling where feeling should be...her presence missing from the picture. Dusk. The in-between. Where the day is and isn't. Starting and beginning...the pause between the two. I am … Continue reading Paused.

Sometimes, I Cry Alone in the Night

My previous post touched on the journey my family has been on together. Although we are currently on the same page, my husband and I took different paths and followed forks in the road that sometimes seemed like they would never meet. After the birth of our son, I felt so disconnected from Judaism and lost in … Continue reading Sometimes, I Cry Alone in the Night

13 Years

We stand under the canopy separated by the discomfort we feel at the display. You are wearing the uniform of a team you don't really play for. Your hair is cut according to someone else's taste. Even your shoes are a stranger's style. I am in white for the first time in my life. My … Continue reading 13 Years

A Moment in Time

I am sitting in the room that has become your shrine. Your picture is everywhere I look. Your art hugs the walls. Your space is tangibly empty. This room holds a beats for an eternal loses its breath and dies every day you are not in it... I am sitting here and I … Continue reading A Moment in Time

When There Is Nothing Left To Say

There is so much I could much to write about... I could write about my sister...and her cancer...and what it feels like to be so far be torn between my children and the baby I held in my arms at 14 years old...whispering my secrets to one of my only family members who … Continue reading When There Is Nothing Left To Say

Dear Spouses,

Dear, dear spouses of victims of survivors of the broken people... Thank you. Thank you for not letting us push you away. Thank you for seeing past the desperate facade we thought was infallible. Thank you for understanding that not everyone wants to be touched…or can be touched…and adjusting your needs accordingly. Thank you for … Continue reading Dear Spouses,

The Lonely Love of Faith

I walk the lonely road… twisting…turning…forever changing… and as I wander… I believe…I doubt…I question…I yearn…I want. He walks…on a different road… twisting and turning in ways I don't always understand… with a belief…a doubt…a question…a yearning…a want…so different from mine. Sometimes we meet…at a fork in the road. He goes right…I go left… our … Continue reading The Lonely Love of Faith