I Have Given You

I have given you, child

The blood of my heart pulsed through my veins into your heart.

The hopes of my soul I lovingly planted in your soul.

I have given you, child.

I have given you, child,

Sleepless nights, endless songs, comfort hugs, silly rhymes,

Dances, laughter, happy play, showing you, I’m glad you’re mine.

I have given you, child.

I thought you could never give as much as I,

Until the day you turned to me and smiled.

With eyes so big and bright, you said,

“I love you too much”, and it was all worth while.

I have given you, child,

Everything I know, everything I believe,

Everything I have, everything you need.

I have given you child.

Yet none of that would matter

Without the gift you gave to me

When you provided me with the chance

To give so unselfishly.

So I thank you, child,

For giving me,

The gift of love,


You have given me, child.