So You Got Engaged. Yay.

When you called, (at four in the morning) I couldn’t formulate the right words.

So I said ‘yay’ and tried to go back to sleep.

But I couldn’t so I thought and thought and thought.

About everything.

Every phone call, e-mail and text message.

Every person who shaped your life, for better or for worse.

Every time you were let down.

Every time you thought it would be different.

Every time I tried to share your optimism.

Every time it wasn’t quite so different.

And now

it is different

Just like you said it was.

And I am walking around with a stupid smile on my face.

Thinking about you.  About your struggles.  Your battles.  Your triumphs.

And I am so friggin proud of you.

And in so much awe of you.

For your perseverance

Your commitment

Your absolutely, positively joyous disposition that no amount of sorrow and pain can break.

I want to grow wings and fly across the ocean just to give you a hug.

But then I’ll cry

And you know how much I hate that.

So I’m writing you this so that you know

That if I was a different kind of person

I would have said something other than ‘yay’

But I’m not



I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

A big russian dude walks in to my little pre-op cubicle.  He puts one leg up on the bed, an odd position to witness especially when the beds are above average height.  Grabbing the packet of papers, he starts asking me questions in a dialect that shouldn’t exist.

Um…can we try that again in English?

He smiles at me and switches to another barely understandable dialect.

His voice is deep and his mannerisms are slow and spaced.

Chave you ehver chad surgery?


Ohkay.  So how vas the anesthesia?


No side eeeffects?


Any qvestions?


And dream reqvests?

Oh lord have I got the best anesthesiologist in all of Rishon Litzion!

Um…Pink Floyd piped into my subconscious?

Slow smile and even lower voice

Ohkay. Dark Siiiide Of Zee Mooooon.