Posted by: colloquiallyspeaking | November 7, 2011

History Of The World – Part 1

‘Imma, you know what Toy Va’Voiy is?’

Uh…no sweetie.  How about you tell me what it is?

‘Well, Hashem was all alone, it was a balagan because it was only choshech and all the peoples were in they houses cause it was choshech and they couldn’t go to the park and Hashem was very sad cause he was all by hisself so he made a special bracha and then, pitom!  It was ohr!’

Oh?  Is that how it happened?

‘Uh huh!  And see, now we at the park and it’s light and not balagan so we can all play with Hashem.’

So it was Toy Va’Voy when it was a balagan?

‘OOOF!  IMMA!  You don’t know hebrew.  Ma zeh Toy Va’Voy?  It’s To’uuuuuu Vaaaaa Vo’ uuuuuuu.  I know, HaGannenet Gila telled it to me. Nachon it’s a keif story?’

It’s a beautiful story my love, a beautiful story.


  1. I had so much fun reading this! I could almost picture this happening and had a really good laugh!

    You brightened up what had been a sour day. Thanks 🙂

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