Soul Torment

I need to tell you a secret.

I am willing to tell the whole world so that you may find out.

You are so raw with your pain, so openly bitter and hurt…so truthful with your anguish.

You stir me so deeply that I cannot think of anything but you, and I don’t even know your name.

You make me want to take that aching from you and throw it at the feet of the merciful G-d who shows Himself in so many other wretched ways, and make Him take it back.

You make me want to yell for justice and scream for the right you deservingly crave.

You make me want to scoop out my insides to share the bountiful blessing I have been given.

But, most of all, you make me want to give you what is so easy for me, because when I think of you, you make me feel guilty that you want…what I no longer do…

You say you are Soul Comfort, but I say you are nothing of the sort.

You are Soul Torment and you have…tormented…me…

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