Remember Me

We have spent the past nine months together, every day, every hour, every second, intertwined.

You heard me laugh, you heard me cry, you heard me sing, you heard me yell.

You took my blood, you took my food, you took my air.

You felt my joy, you felt my fright.

You knew me inside out and I knew you.

We did not keep anything from each other, as we were one.

Things are about to change.

You are about to break free.

I will no longer know you this way.

We will have to learn to understand each other.

It will be difficult.

At times there will be misunderstandings.

At times there will be needs not met.

At times there will be pain inflicted on each other.

At times we will get frustrated.

At times we will feel distanced.

So my dear, I promise you one thing.

I will always remember me, no matter what happens, as I am today.

I will remember the woman I am, as I sit here thinking of you, overwhelmed with the love that fills my heart for you.

I will remember the woman who cried tears of joy at the fluttering feeling of you move.

I will remember how I grit my teeth and took the pain, because it was for you.

I will remember feeling that you are an extension of myself, and that you make me a better person.

I will remember that I vowed never to forget.

And one day, I hope you will read this, and you, too, will remember me.

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