A Million Shades of Green

I’m like Garfield, just different, she says as she pulls on Freddie Mercury’s orange fur, baiting him. I like lasagna, but I hate Sundays. She laughs as Freddie pounces. I don’t bother disciplining her about the cat again. Their love is wild and free-spirited. Plus, she likes the way he makes her look like a … Continue reading A Million Shades of Green

Black and White and Green All Over

It's hard to write this. I don't really want to, but I saw something today that made me realize there are people out there that cannot say what I am going to say, but desperately need to. So I'm voicing it. A few days ago, my husband took my daughter to the bus.  We need … Continue reading Black and White and Green All Over

I Just Wanted You To Know

Elohim sheli, ratziti sheted’a                                        Chalom shechalamti balayila bamitah (My God - I wanted you to know, the dream I dreamt at night in bed) She sings her favorite song on the swings…in the sand…on the bus…and … Continue reading I Just Wanted You To Know