The Tides we Don’t Follow

We are first man and woman. We have created ourselves from the ribs of non-believers. We have no original sin to dictate our morals, no code passed down for generations. The string we hang from frays with every step towards the edge of this puppet stage. And this step, this leap away from tradition, this will cut the cord.

The Meaning Of Mumcha

"There should be a movie about it.  With characters like Motti, Duvy…Shmully…not Chasidish, no Joels - just real Boro Park Yeshivish kids." I nod.  I'ver heard this before. "We were punks.  I don't get it.  What was wrong with us?" "It wasn't that bad.  There weren't turf wars or crack houses." "Yeah - but we … Continue reading The Meaning Of Mumcha

Off The Derech

I went off the derech, you know. I walked it a couple of times.  I kicked the ground where it was soft and beat it where it was hard.  I turned over stones to reveal long-forgotten imprints.  I lifted logs and marveled at the slime and grime.  I stepped in crap, cursed the asshole who … Continue reading Off The Derech