In between war and peace, there is a space where words like ceasefire float around as though they mean something more than pause. For me, a ceasefire is like a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. You know it’s something you’re going to have to deal with. You just don’t know how long you have to brace … Continue reading Ceasefire


Have you seen the picture of Eden Atias? He is facing the camera...beautiful...young...looking full of life...with a slight smirk that suggests he knows about his beauty...youth...and the full life he has. And then, have you seen the picture of the seat he was sitting on as, exhausted from the beginning of his basic training, he … Continue reading AS IF

When Terrorists Die

On December 1, 2001, my husband stood on an unfamiliar street in the heart of an unfamiliar country.  He had just turned eighteen and his life was shit.  He just wanted a little something to numb the pain. This was the place to be, he was told.  Here was the action.  By day, a bustling … Continue reading When Terrorists Die

When Conflict Strikes Its Weary Head

So this guy walks up to another guy at a bus stop. Guy at the bus stop is on his way to a rehearsal for some sort of theater group…he’s creative and fun that way. And this guy likes to let loose because he lives in the heart of a conflict and it’s good to … Continue reading When Conflict Strikes Its Weary Head


I am listening to the radio.  A woman is on.  She is talking about life.  About gratitude.  About unity. She is saying how we are all family.  She is reiterating the need to act as one nation.  To help one another.  To reach out to one another.  To connect with kindness. She is interrupted. AZ'AKA (alarm) … Continue reading This Is ISRAEL