A Million Shades of Green

I’m like Garfield, just different, she says as she pulls on Freddie Mercury’s orange fur, baiting him. I like lasagna, but I hate Sundays. She laughs as Freddie pounces. I don’t bother disciplining her about the cat again. Their love is wild and free-spirited. Plus, she likes the way he makes her look like a … Continue reading A Million Shades of Green


Don't... Don't tell me to stay safe… not to read the news…not to check each siren…not to think about it…not to worry... Don't tell me not to be afraid. Don't. Because it is my prerogative to be afraid. Because it is my country under attack. Because it is my children I am scooping up into … Continue reading Don’t.

Black and White and Green All Over

It's hard to write this. I don't really want to, but I saw something today that made me realize there are people out there that cannot say what I am going to say, but desperately need to. So I'm voicing it. A few days ago, my husband took my daughter to the bus.  We need … Continue reading Black and White and Green All Over