The Tides we Don’t Follow

We are first man and woman. We have created ourselves from the ribs of non-believers. We have no original sin to dictate our morals, no code passed down for generations. The string we hang from frays with every step towards the edge of this puppet stage. And this step, this leap away from tradition, this will cut the cord.

Skin Deep

"Imma," she says in her 'I'm going to tell you something incredibly insightful now so you better stop what you're doing and focus and make sure your phone is on hand to record this' voice, so naturally, I turn. "I know you're not going to believe this, so I'm telling you now you have to … Continue reading Skin Deep


I guess I'm a grown-up now, I think, as I sit here translating her words in my head, then translating my words before I stumble them out of my mouth and into the air where they embarrass me by screaming out "FOREIGNER" in this big room that can't possibly hold the emotions she so casually … Continue reading Grown-up

When The Tigers Broke Free

“Are you excited that gan is almost over?” I ask my little girl as she cuddles up to me. “Umm…yes…no…no!”  She’s uncertain and for a moment I think she doesn’t really understand what summer vacation is. Her face scrunches up as she digs into her mind for the words to express what she means. “I’m … Continue reading When The Tigers Broke Free

I Am Doubt, Hear Me Roar

It was about bechira, naturally. I was in third grade.  I asked the usual question and got called an apikorus because I said it didn't make sense. In fourth grade it was about nevuah in fifth grade, har sinai, in sixth, yetzer hara, and in seventh I got tired so I stopped asking with my … Continue reading I Am Doubt, Hear Me Roar


Today, we met with a panel of fierce-looking Israeli professional women with thick eyebrows. They are going to decide what to do with our daughter. They asked us to describe her. We did. They asked the gannenet to describe her. She did. And then they deliberated in front of us. Bewildered is not enough of … Continue reading De-valuate