Never Can Say Goodbye

Why is it that every single time I have to leave you, even just for a short while, I feel an ache that paralyzes me and turns my heart cold?

Why is it that I cannot bear to be away from you?

What power do you possess that can chain me down and make me fight whenever I must break away?

What is hidden in your core that talks to me, haunts me, taunts me and sometimes ignores me?

Who made you my shield, when I was not looking for something to protect me?

Who made me yearn to be with you, always?

You are just a place – ground, grass, trees, stone, sky….beautiful, endless sky…

There is not much of you – mountains, dessert, valleys, plains…merging together…as one…

A land – torn, split, ravaged by hate….standing alone…like me…victorious…

Prevailing – despite.

And maybe we are one…

because maybe you were made for me…

and I for you…

and the reason you hold me tight…

is because I will not let you go.

So dear, dear land…

Wait for me, for just a little while.

I’ll be back with more resolve to remain faithful to you.

And you and I can continue waiting, together.

2 thoughts on “Never Can Say Goodbye

  1. Israel and the Jewish People are one. “resheet” lefi Rashi is “israel”, the purpose of the creation of the world is Israel and the Torah ends with the word “israel”.


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