On Being Met

“But now the days are short…I’m in the autumn of the year…”

Autumn? Imma why did he say he’s in autumn?

Well, he means that he’s getting old.


He’s going to be met soon?

I guess that’s what he meant.

Someone is going to kill him?

No no – people die after they live for a long time.  Everyone dies one day, then they go back to Hashem.


I don’t want to be met.

Sweetie, you don’t have to think about that now.  You have a long life ahead of you.

How much time?

At least another hundred years.

That’s harbeh.


I still don’t wanna be met.

Okay sweetie, you don’t have to be.  Remember when Imma and Abba got married, and you weren’t there because you were with Hashem?

And we sawed you get married.  In the shamayim.

Right.  So we go back there.



Imma – that’s being met.

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