The Greatest Love of All

My beloved! she cries, gripping his tattered shrouds. What will be?

Her upturned face is streaked with rivers of sorrow and fear. Bent at the knees, her broken body only has the strength to crawl. Her shoulders, burdened with unbearable weight, heave with every breath that fills her exhausted lungs. She cannot go on.

He pulls away from her gently, brushing aside some rubble as she lowers her head to the ground. Her bones are growing heavy, there is no time left. She will not move from here. Her eyes are beseeching as she calls out her question once more.

My beloved, what will be?

He turns, his fiery eyes steadying her writhes, and promises her the world.

She smiles, comforted, and drifts off into a 2000 year sleep, secure in the knowledge that he will come back to her.

His mournful cries fill the air, the skies, the heavens, the seas and the bloodied ground with the memories of his loss and the promise of his love forevermore.

He will not leave her. He will not let her fade.

He stands over her still body and repeats his words of hope and love, of joy and life, of freedom and comfort, of security and prosperity, weaving the letters of the words he speaks into a swirling tapestry she will find when she wakes to the sound of her loved one’s mighty roar of everlasting life.

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All

  1. I always feel good when reading things like this. I know how good it feels get out this rush of feelings, thoughts, an emotions onto paper and I take some sort of joy with me when I know someone else has managed to do so.


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