Living Israel

“So where are you moving to?” she asked. “Moshav Zanoach” I said, desperately trying to pry a stick out of my son’s grasp. I was too caught up in parenting to notice her reaction. She kept quiet for a bit. “Hmm” she finally said, and I turned because I could hear her eyebrows raise and … Continue reading Living Israel

When Terrorists Die

On December 1, 2001, my husband stood on an unfamiliar street in the heart of an unfamiliar country.  He had just turned eighteen and his life was shit.  He just wanted a little something to numb the pain. This was the place to be, he was told.  Here was the action.  By day, a bustling … Continue reading When Terrorists Die

Jonathan Pollard and a Coloring Book

We’re going to the US in two weeks. It’s a big trip.  It’s a huge trip. We haven’t been there for three years and when we left last time we were a family of three.  When we went to get our son’s Report of Birth at the US embassy the consular clapped as she declared … Continue reading Jonathan Pollard and a Coloring Book