Don't... Don't tell me to stay safe… not to read the news…not to check each siren…not to think about it…not to worry... Don't tell me not to be afraid. Don't. Because it is my prerogative to be afraid. Because it is my country under attack. Because it is my children I am scooping up into … Continue reading Don’t.


HEY!  Tzfira! He yells it across the crowded store and everything goes quiet. Almost. Beep…beep…beep. One cashier is still working. The quiet gets to her and she looks up in surprise. Slowly, she stands and lowers her head. Two women continue their conversation. Hearing English during these moments of silence is making me cringe and … Continue reading SILENCE!!!!

Black and White and Green All Over

It's hard to write this. I don't really want to, but I saw something today that made me realize there are people out there that cannot say what I am going to say, but desperately need to. So I'm voicing it. A few days ago, my husband took my daughter to the bus.  We need … Continue reading Black and White and Green All Over


It was summer and we were young and somewhat naïve. Marriage was new. Living in Israel as responsible adults was new. Political talk was new. It was an orange summer. We were so convinced that orange would be heard. We wore it everywhere. We raised our orange banners and we screamed so loudly it was … Continue reading Orange


Have you seen the picture of Eden Atias? He is facing the camera...beautiful...young...looking full of life...with a slight smirk that suggests he knows about his beauty...youth...and the full life he has. And then, have you seen the picture of the seat he was sitting on as, exhausted from the beginning of his basic training, he … Continue reading AS IF

Du Bist A Nazi

Du bist as Nazi, du bist a Nazi! I turn in horror. He's a little boy.  Maybe four years old.  His blonde hair curls at his ears...his blue eyes sparkle with the sort of mischief I should expect from a little boy at the park with his friends without supervision. And the other boy...three years … Continue reading Du Bist A Nazi

Living Israel

“So where are you moving to?” she asked. “Moshav Zanoach” I said, desperately trying to pry a stick out of my son’s grasp. I was too caught up in parenting to notice her reaction. She kept quiet for a bit. “Hmm” she finally said, and I turned because I could hear her eyebrows raise and … Continue reading Living Israel

These Three Weeks

The fires crackle again…it’s that time of year… The fields rustle…and gently sway…as the flames leap closer… Towards dried stalks of wheat and barley…an offering… Burning…burning…burning… Where are you? Shouts the snaking river of heat… Searching…for something more…something real…to consume… And the walls…surrounding her…hiding the pain…in the name of salvation…almost ready to fall… They will … Continue reading These Three Weeks