Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Please continue with your daily lives, you wrote and I don’t know what you meant by that.

Was it your cheeky “I don’t want to hear you squeal so I’m acting all normal-like” attitude you sometimes revealed in our communication?

Was it your desire to remain waiting in the shadows where I think you have been lurking as you work on figuring out what your expression looks like now?

Was it that you felt this was an interruption of some sort?

Because my daily life isn’t exactly the same.

Now I think about you as I go about this daily life you speak of, and I wonder.

About you…about the life you are creating…about all the things that made you into this person I no longer know..

And I think about all the lost souls out there…who never thought they could write the words you wrote…all of them…and I wish I could stand on top of world and broadcast all the wonderful things you have accomplished…and signal to all the downtrodden – the neglected…the abused…the pained, wretched bodies trudging through this wilderness – a beam of hope…that could maybe draw them in just close enough…so that they can see what redemption looks like.

We cease to be beholden to our past…when the future shines its brilliant hues of love.

4 thoughts on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond

  1. “All are asked to daven and say Tehillim for Tziporah bat Avigayil [Sassoon] and Avigayil bat Tziporah [Sassoon], who both jumped from second-floor widows to escape and were treated for burns and smoke inhalation.”


  2. Rumor had it that you had written a post entitled “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. Rumor further had it that I might have kinda sorta been represented therein.

    I did not immediately respond because I am not sure i know what to say.

    Have a great Pesach. I’m sure we can all agree on that one.


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