As The Candle Burns

My mother calls and brings it up before I do. “It’s tonight…I’ve been thinking about it…remembering….” I choke back a sob.  “Yes.  It is tonight.  And I’m sad…” I fall apart.  I tell her the thoughts I have. She listens, she shares and she hurts with me. I feel something shift.  The depression lifts and … Continue reading As The Candle Burns

The Day I Die

The house is quiet.I sort the laundrywash the disheschange the linensorganize the closetsprepare the foodmake a listand try,try try trynot to think.But here I am.Thinking.*Last night I had a dream.Someone died in my dream.Someone close enough to me that I had to mourn.Tear my clothes.Sit for seven days on a low stool, in a house … Continue reading The Day I Die