Dedicated to The Ones I Love

We met when I was barely eighteen. I kept a low profile, my face hidden behind unkempt hair encased in the hooded sweatshirt I wore defensively. But I listened to the two of you talk and I couldn't contain myself. You spoke my language, peppered with a healthy dose of vulgarity and infused with the … Continue reading Dedicated to The Ones I Love

You Menuval You

Guest post from the amazing husband who rants really well and doesn't realize that if he can dictate awesomeness, there's nothing stopping him from writing it out, except maybe horrible spelling. 🙂 This past week we leined Parshas Kedoshiim, where Hashem gives us the command Kiddoshim Ti'hiu.  Many of us know the Rambam's commentary on … Continue reading You Menuval You